“Bachna hain movie buffs”

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It has been quite a some time now.I was held up with my training at Sasken almost for a month and today when i woke up, I could not help my self from sharing this bit of feeling of mine with all of you.FYI I am a big movie buff. I watch movies of all kind,by that I mean the documentaries,science fiction,drama,love stories etc etc.

It just happened that a movie by name “Bachna hain haseeno” caught my interest, you can probably guess what pulled me in, and no points for guessing, it was those long legs and short skirts.This flick was not on my cards until a friend of mine abetted me to have it so.

So there I was with four other friends of mine in a movie hall watching three women and a man doing things that are way far from reality and way too filmi to be watched.

Let me tell you, I have watched Rajani Kanths movies, I have watched telugu movies where the hero claps his hands and the villain dies of an heart attack, I have watched Vijay kanth’s movies where the bullet fired at him,hits him and reflects back to the villain and the villain dies. I have tolerated all these, I in fact enjoyed watching such stunts.But the one I have mentioned above proved to be a real challenge to me.

Would you believe if I say I uttered “Wat the Fuck” more than 5 times while watching this movie.This movie was completely baseless.It was as good or bad as the B grade movies that they play on setMAX once in while, where a guy next door is seduced by a nympho and they get on with all sort of hungama escaping the society and all that shit.

I do not mean to be argumentative and bring down the revenues of movie makers and the pop corn sellers,there are other business sectors affected too, like the provision stores, which sell amrunthanjan and medical stores which sell saridon .I am sure they will have good business if people were to watch this movie.

The bottom line is “Bachna hain haseeno is one fuckall movie”If you still want watch that movie,God help you.


Aparupadha Rathri-2

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There lived a perfectly happy family. A couple had a baby girl who was then about 6 years old. Her name was Pinky. One day the couple had a fight. The lady suspected that her husband is running an affair with the neighbor. One afternoon she cried for help and people ran towards her place to check on her. She was lying down and was gasping for breath. When she was asked as to what really went on, she complained a person dressed up in black, tried to assault her. People looked around the place they, could no spot anybody as such.

The next evening she called out for help again, this time she was half naked and she was lying down at the doorsteps. This time she complained the same person in black snatched her necklace and ran away, when she squalled for help, he was frightened and hence he dropped the necklace near the compound. Surprisingly people found that her necklace was indeed at the compound.

The very next evening at around 7:30 I saw high flaming subject moving around and people started screaming and there was a stampede. That woman had set herself on fire and was walking on the streets like a soldier at a parade. This time she was silent without making any noise. I saw through the flame that she was happy and all smiling. Her body was getting charred and there she was, enjoying every bit of pain. I stood there not knowing what to do; I stared and stared at her. Her daughter started crying that’s when this woman realized she was on fire. She collapsed and was now feeling the real pain and she started crying out for help. She was then taken to the hospital where Doctors after examining her reported that there were good chances of her survival.

The next evening she gained consciousness and to people’s surprise she kept cursing her husband for having done injustice to her. What more surprising was that she spoke in male voice. She said, “I am going to kill him, how dare he cheats on my sister”. When she was asked who she was, she answered, “I am Sathya, brother of Aparna, I am here to kill her husband,he is cheating on her. I am the one who Aparna saw the other day, the guy in the black dress”. Well one thing you ought to know is that Sathya died in a road accident, he was a lorry driver. She died later that night. Her husband got married to another woman and a couple from US adopted pinky.

She had a very attractive physic. Men always found her very sexy and they always hoped that someday they would get to play the “game” with her (if you know what I mean). She had dark complexion and always had a strange Colour studded on to her forehead. She used to walk around the village and every time she passed by a man, he was getting captivated; it was as if he was hypnotized. She wore strange clothes and she always used to take bath at the riverside at four o clock in the morning.

She had come to live in Guruwayur from an unknown place. She had those gleaming eyes and one winsome smile that no man could possibly escape from. On one particular night prassanna went out for a walk and he did not return. His family went about searching him and found him unconscious at the gateway of the village. Since then he goes missing in the night and he comes back home early in the morning. Another serious change in his behavior is that he never gave money that he earned to his wife. When asked for, he used to beat the shit out of her.

Well as the days went on, the phenomenon became alarmingly phenomenal. The list of such psychopaths kept growing. Later village women suspected that it was that sexy lady who is behind this. One fine day they decided to check on her activities and that was a new moon on top, she brought home a guy with her, but to their surprise it was guy who welcomed that lady into her own house and he was saying “don’t worry its my house and no one will see us here I will keep you resided in this place.” The villagers were caught in a cook and were wondering what the hell is happening!! One brave woman collected the courage to go peep into the room they went in. She was thrown into such a storm that she could barely open her mouth to speak. She said she found the two in a rather colly condition. They were playing the “Game”.

These village women decided to cast her away, but she refused all the charges pressed against her. But too bad she was beaten up by the women and was killed on the road. This is not the end. The actual thrill lies in the fact that all of the men who were her victims, committed suicide. This had a pattern too. The first victim was the first one to die and the rest followed, with one-month gap in the middle on new moons.

I am sure you by now are completely pissed off and are wondering why the hell I am talking all this “scary shit”. Well these are just the trailers of what oorbaglu (name changed) had to give the “Sevens” when the rest of the group asked him to narrate a few nice stories. Imagine yourself in a place as small as the MANTAPA at 12 in the night with small drizzles and cold wind all over and you are with only 6 other guys who are no better than you in getting hold on their heartbeats. That does scare the hell out of you doesn’t it?

The group asked oorbaglu to change the theme of his stories to a rather more pleasing one. No points for guessing!!!! It was “Sex”. Well you could not possibly expect the guys to be any different. Boys will be Boys. So there he was narrating the most erotic stories that he has read and has seen. He was so good, Kashi let out a growl and that’s when we decided to stop and try getting some sleep. Well if you are anticipating that I am going to reproduce the narration of oorbaglu in this category, I am afraid my blog is going to be slated as a porn site. You would not want to growl and get off your seat would you? So I keep the pleasure to myself. Sorry for disappointing you.

We also discussed a lot on our crushes and our plans to go about pursuing them. We talked more about our marriage, first-night, honeymoon, kids and their schooling and even the retirement plans. I am so proud that we finally started to talk about our careers, which was the only thing that had 100 percent chance of materializing, too bad by this time the sun showed up and there we had to leave the topic. Hence we proved that career tops the list of priorities by keeping it to the last.

The next day we went on with our pursuit of the pinnacle and landed back at the gateway where the serpent had given us a signal. The story has finally come to an end.

Let me Give out the real names of the fellow Spartans in the “Super Sevens”

Ooorbaglu –Dayananda.A DSP engineer R&D services Sasken communications.

Kashi-Thejas V.R Software engineer Adobe India.

Yamaraj-Hemant software engineer Adobe India.

Peter-Keerthi M.S software developer Nokia R&D.

Bomb-Arunangshu Giri software developer Nokia R&D

Gundu Mani-Ravikiran Wipro VLSI

Lesbi-Rahul-Admitted to New jersy Institute Of technology for an M.S in electrical engineering.

Thank you.

Aparupadha Rathri-1

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It was the twilight, just about the time sun goes down and the moon shows up. I was atop the hill and kept gazing at the sun who playacted a chameleon and showed all Colours of the wind. All of a sudden I had this feeling that he wants to say something, a secret that I ought to know, I could guess that he was trying to forecast something. Before I could read more into his signals he was all set to go away .He just gave me one of those ‘Mona Lisa ’smiles and the next moment he was gone.

A second later I could see the moon coming up all happy and dancing. She was full that evening and was feeling fresh as if she just had a bath in milk and roses, she was beautiful, and as I was just about to smile at her, she also started sending me betokens that something waited to strike me. She was blushing. I really was caught in a spoof, and all of a sudden I had this feeling that someone was standing at the back and awaited my attention. I turned back to verify and had a shock of my life.

All of my fellow mates were gone and at a certain distance, I could see a soul standing. I squinched only later to realize that the figure I was looking at was quite familiar and it coincided with that of my soul mate.

I was thrown into such emotions, that I could barely stand on my feet. Paulo Coehlo had once said “If you really want something, the nature conspires to have that thing ready for you” .I really was missing her and Paulo’s words resounded in my mind.

She felt the same sort of vibrations that I was going under and I could sense the feeling that she too missed me a lot. That was the ultimate moment of my life. Destiny meant nothing more than to have her rest her head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. It suddenly started drizzling and the aura had this sweet smell of love in it.

She was draped in a blue saree. It was plane and sparse, but thick enough to hide her beauteous frame. She looked perfect, I started wondering if she’s ever going to let me get a few glimpses of her inside. That’s when the wind blew swift, fast enough to drag the saree away from her to reveal somethings that I was not authorized to look at unless she agrees to. Like I said,” If you really want something, the nature conspires to have that thing ready for you” (It works everytime!!!!). She was all blushing. Take it from me; you have got to make a woman feel like a woman to prove your worth as a man.

My emotions dragged my body towards her; I ran towards her without my conscious effort, it was automatic. She too ran towards me. It was a perfect bollywood set, the full moon, the drizzle, the wind, and the stars and not to mention the blue saree, the slow motion running. Everything seemed so perfect.

We both halted with our bodies’ just millimeters away. My heart was pounding like it never had before; I could hear the heart beat and there was an orchestra. The gushing wind, the heartbeats, and the wild breath we were letting out, all put together sounded like a perfect love song. She smelled like a jasmine. We looked at each other in the eyes and said, “Is this the moment I have been waiting for?” all of my senses were satisfied except for the sense of touch. I looked her in the eyes asking for permission. Her eyes told me “Kiss me, I am all yours”. I raised my hands to hold her face; I got myself closer to her and was about do something that I wanted to, ever since I came to know I was a boy. All of a sudden, there developed a feeling of risk. I was uncomfortably shaken. She had facial hair!

Well I was in fact holding my teammate’s head in my hands. His name is bomb (name changed). Too bad I was just dreaming and all that I have said above is the recurring dream of mine, which haunts me every night. To my bad luck (or bomb’s bad luck) he slept beside me that night in the MANTAPA, to my good luck he dint have a shave in the morning, otherwise the other five teammates would have had the entertainment of their lives.

Dare to be there?

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You are at least eight kilometers above ground level, you are sweating all over, there is hardly any sugar left in your blood stream, your vasa pulsates at a rate higher than ever, you don’t feel your legs, your thighs are singing rhymes (London bridge is falling down), the light is getting bleaker and you see dark clouds forcing towards you,. Whom would you call upon to save you? I am afraid no one will ever respond to your call, because your peers are as jeopardized as you are, and they too are TREKKERS just like you. Jeopardy is the name of the game.

As we fellow SEVENS footslogged our way up the heap, we became restless and were on a desperate lookout for a shelter. We had to hide our heads somewhere to be assured of what they call a ‘return’ (if not safe though). Luckily the forest that surrounded us was quite co-operative, except for few chuddy dost monkeys of ours, who were a little upset about the intrusion. However one of my teammates, “peter”(name changed), (who was leading us at around four in the evening) squinted to notice a dark spot on a green lush. We all let a sigh of relief, for we were finally been able to spot the silver lining. That was the refuge camp for us soldiers.

A small hovel made of stone of dimensions 5X5X5,with a stony top and rough stony base. It was pitch black in colour (God knows how old the structure was). This was where we fellow SEVENS took rest for the whole night. The mega-structure is called the MANATAPA.

Before talking about our stay in the lavish lounge ‘MANTAPA’, I would like to recall a scenario, by the time we got close to the hideout, one of our other teammates, “yamraj” (name changed again) took the lead and dragged us up the elevation .The toughest terrain we have ever experienced was perhaps the one very close to MANTAPA, as per statistics it was an eighty seven degree tilt. Yamraj reached the destination first and was calling out on the second person from BIT who will make it home, but there was this guy “oorbaglu”(name changed) who took the challenge pretty seriously and chose to attempt a feat, although he was quite far from the place. He stopped for a second, looked around, did some calculations and then like a sport he said to himself that he is not going to give up. The Spartan chose to take a detour, which perhaps was an unfold door to the so-called death, and then he hopped, skipped and did a lot of balancing maneuver and finally made it to the base.

Well there is a twist in the story; the scene presented above is not the one I was intending to share with you when I said, “I would like to recall a scenario”.

The SEVENS reached the adobe and were celebrating the ‘partial success’; yamraj said he wants to freshen up and wanted to slue to the portion just below, for it had a small pond. This guy was so elated to have reached the MANTAPA that he went singing down the slant only later to realize that he was loosing balance .In a flash the lush disappeared and all he could see was rocks that were approximately 2 kilometers below him. In a second his memory refreshed and he visualized everything he has done so far in his life. His conscious mind told him “you are done!!!” however the unconscious mind brought out such reflexes out of his body that he was able to hang on with a perfect coincidence of his shoe’s tip and the pinnacle. I am very proud of this guy, for he has given a fair F**K U to the death. Name “yamraj” suites him the best, who else can tease the demise saying, “kiss my ass” and get away with that.


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We the ‘Super Sevens’ rolled up our sleeves (we were all wearing T-shirts though) and flexed our muscles. Did a bit of warm up exercise, looked at each other like those girls in the movie ‘Chakde India’ (The final match) and said ‘LETS DO IT!!!’. The spirit ran high in the souls and the roar reverberated across the high peak mountains. Last time when I felt such an emotion was when i watched the movie ‘Lion King’. It gave me goose flesh.

The excitement lasted only a few seconds, for only later did we realize that there were only four of us .All the adrenaline went slipping down to those tiny glands on our kidneys and our heart beats came back to normal. The other three had gone shopping and we had to wait at the starting point right in the front of the temple. They came back in a while.

And now we were literally ‘super sevens’ we rolled up sleeves (we were all wearing T-shirts though) well, let me not make you scratch your butt and say “oh come on!”. Let me just say we started our journey up the steep.

Guess who was there to welcome us? It was none other than the Lord himself!!!!! and I am not joking, foxed? Well the Lord did welcome us in the form of his bosom friend ‘The great serpent’. She was a reptile roughly about 5 feet long. Black in Colour with yellow stripes that looked so Taylor made that we were left speechless. We guys ogle at long sexy legs of women, but you have got to take it from us the legs stand no where in front of what they call a natural beauty. She got us bedazzled to an extent that we forgot to take a snap of her, we just could not take our eyes off her wavy crusade. I wondered if she had ever taken lessons on belly dancing.

This is the point, when my teammate Kashi (name changed) gave us instructions on how to behave during this course of slogging (I must say i was again reminded of ‘Chakde India’). In a feel of exaltation we stepped our way up the realms. In about five minutes we had our tongues dangling down our mouths (believe me dogs look far cuter than men). Luckily we were well equipped with resources that helped us re-energize our tasteless blood and turn it back into sweet blood. Carbohydrates are a must.

We took breaks regularly, had one or two sips of water, or glucose, or a slice of fruit and then we go again. Not to mention the team cheer, it was the best part. A guy in the front used to take the lead and call every person in the league with his name (nick name) and the later used to reply with a loud battle cry, once every soldier responded to the call, we all exclaimed in unison “Super Sevens!!!!”.WOW!!! If you really want to understand what teamwork is all about? Go for a TREK and see how bad one suffers if he is not backed up with support, and this is what TREKKING all about ,its about lending your shoulders to the one weaker not only physically, but also mentally!!!!.

I Wonder how those cheer girls help our players beat the stress.we were still amateur TREKKERS and did not dare to have those girls cheer for us, for we would have got carked by their beauteous curves and would have got marooned for bad.By the way none of us owned a beverage company or an airways to afford those ‘Chicks!!!’.

The breaks, the cheers, the photo sessions became a common maneuver for us Spartans (mind you there were only seven of us, not 300!!) and we finally reached the top of the first mountain only later to realize that we were yet to conquer seven such mountains.

We went on and on an on and on singing, shouting, crying, cursing, abusing and most importantly sweating. For a moment I was caught in a cook and started wondering why all the rivers take birth up above mountains? And perhaps it must be the sweat of TREKKERS that keeps flowing down to make up a river. Well i am just sharing my thoughts; do not call me a retard this, for every TREKKER is special (TREKKERS Zameen Par).

Then as usual, we reached ‘TREKKERS paradise’ the humble hut of a person well known as ‘BHATTA’. We freshened up, had our lunch (forty bucks for unlimited rice sambar onion pickles and butter milk, finger licking good!!!), fastened our shoe lace and set out for the post lunch session of ‘Road to Success’.

“SeVeNs”The Saga

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jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after.

Up got Jack,and home did trot.

As fast as he could caper

He went to bed and bound his head

with vinegar and brown paper.

well by now if you have anticipated the theme of this very post as one of those,in which one would get nostalgic about his childhood and tell you about all the cute little things he would play around with.You are quite spot on.

Legend of the Rhyme presented above is not a complete fiction.This might be a redundant information for a few of you.It sure got me to ponder over it for quite a sometime when i found out the inside story of it.

This supposedly simple rhyme reflects the cult of France ironically.Jack to king Louis XVI and Jill to his soul mate Gill are the indirections as history claims it to be.It narrates how the king fought back his failure and how Jill stood by him.

By the way that is history for us.As mentioned above I shall share some of the “cute little” things that i fiddled with, along with six fellow mates of mine.We were a group of kids just 21 years old, who went on to peep into the mouth of so called danger.

The group is called “SUPER SEVENS”.Each in the group looked up at the other as an incarnation of the fabled Jack.You might wonder who was representing Jill!.Fortunately or unfortunately we had none.


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The word seemed nothing more than just walking up a narrow lane with huge bags on one’s shoulders and sturdy sport shoes buckled up one’s feet.

I always wondered what really fascinates the so called trekkers,for it looked like an voyage that has no real destination.What exactly are the trekkers craving for?why do they do this?what motivates them to slog along the footpath which looked so narrow and long with the course extended beyond horizons?

These were a few but musings of mine that kept developing as and when I heard about or looked at the very activity of trekking.One other important revelation I have made is that th trekkers are by large the “GO GETTERS”.They appreciate hard work and have this attitude of “NEVER SAY DIE”.

Having made such observations,it triggered a pampering kid in me,i became more curious as to whether there is really something to it or what!

As my days are now tending towards the big Graduation Day,Something which a freshers dreams about and something a senior is vexed about,we the final years decided to have something done adventurous,something out of the box,something that prompts us to forget all the odds,makes us think about the future.That was the time we fellow amigos decided to have a trial of TREKKING!

The day started with us having carried out the mundane and then we set out to attempt the feat which seemed way too daunting for a starter.I say this because every piece of mire that we were about to step on resounded risk.We were quite aware of situation out there, thanks to our good old internet and fellow bloggers who have shared their experiences and have made us aware of possible jeopardy .

The stretch that we had decided to stroll on was quite capricious.It boasts about having doomed a IISc scientist who was lost in the jungle and was picked up by the locals a month later in a rather hapless condition.

As suggested by the professional trekkers who helped us online,we first sought the blessings of the Lord Subramanya ,for he is the royal sheriff of the town “KUKKE”and set out to make foray into the jungle.

This is just an appetizer.I must say the experience was amazing.I shall try to make u feel the tempo in my next post.