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Unfaithful?or is it Basic Instinct?

Posted in 1 on December 14, 2008 by dayavincicode

Folks, I have a confession to make. I have lied to nearly 300 people and have broken away from them like a sly,  but I had to do it for, otherwise things would have got a little foggier.

If you are a Sasian, I must thank you for showing interest in my blog, as a reward I am letting you out  a secret, I am not taking a break to pursue my Higher studies, I am going to be associated with another firm, apparently Sasken’s own Client. I assume you will forgive me and you do understand the reason why I had to lie to you.

Was It a basic Instinct? well I must say I got lucky, let me not that yet either, you will never know what’s in store for me. I have taken my chances. As the expression goes “Love your work, don’t love your company, for you will never know when the company stops loving you”. Deep inside my heart I do feel I loved Sasken.

Let me make it up, Let me present a rap for Sasken, here it goes

Break up!
I always hoped my heart would not get a tweak
She is very assuring, when it comes to making a geek
She Cuts the Edge of Telecommunication
I cared to join her, what ever be the Remuneration
She set me a date in the month of July
I felt so light, I could almost fly
Just when I was about to complain “It’s paining”
She said ,”Poor thing,you had enough of training”
She then signed me up with a lady called Motorola
Boy!, her associates drive the likes of Toyota-Corolla
when I was about to feel a world with this new acquaintance
She sent a word “It’s an Issue with the maintenance”
Spirit that ran high and flew beyond the sky
were pushed down to the abyss before I could even give it a try
I walked back with saggy shoulders,broken hearted
wriggled around, trying hard to get things started
I was anticipating I will be honored with a crown
Damn! that was too much hence I came back with a frown
The course seems simple yet fuddle,
I feel half sunk in a mystified puddle.
I am not complaining, it’s not her fault
for, economy says “screw you,give it a better thought”
I had time of my life with my fellow peers
and as I move away, I fight my tears
I am saying good bye, I am looking forward to make it up,
I really don’t meant it, but still, I am breaking up.
In this short pleasant dream, she felt like a safe haven
I am kissing her a bye,to my humble lady called Sasken.
Unfaithful or Basic Instinct both are pretty enjoyable, If you know what I mean ;). So I here by declare my self a F**king A*s hole for breaking up with Sasken. I am sorry.