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CodeSutra – The Art of Coding Love

Posted in poet in me on March 9, 2009 by dayavincicode

I can not help myself from riding back home

to see her and to smell her skin,

stars are gleaming and the moon is full

in the pleasant breeze we commit that beautiful sin

when I touch her low abut , with my finger,

she blooms like a flower and turns red

on my lap she sits with her face facing mine

otherwise she lazily looses it on the bed

The boot loader runs as she prepares for the feast

and presents me with choice of smuttiness

Linux is the most pleasurable mode

as it gets longer to satisfy her steaminess

I tardily unbutton her top, as I open up the terminal

and this is when we game our foreplay

I navigate deeper in to the folders

undressing her piece by piece before actually set to sway

As I go about keying her with the code

she cuddles on to my arms as if she will never let me go

sometimes I stop to rethink the logic

she says better be fast or to sleep mode I shall croak

she is so proud of her sexuality, she never ceases to trick me

zesty errors she throws, they simply make me say “I am so dim”

I repeat some of those positions to make those errors fly

she finally compiles,  smiles at me and says “I am done”.

Well this is as much sexier as it could get when I sit with my Laptop trying out some programs. The message is “Geeks have a life too”.