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I See You

Posted in poet in me on February 15, 2009 by dayavincicode

Hey everyone it’s been quite a sometime since my last post. The new firm I have signed up with kept me a bit busy for blogging.

I was kinda thinking, all of my so called “Poems” carried a negative notion. like leaving college,missing friends,running away from one’s own dream company.For a change I thought I should writing something about the brighter side of life. You know something that will make us feel lite and feel good sort of a post.

So here goes another rhyme titled “I See You”

I hope to defy impossibility through this bit of carving
for just words wont describe your endowment of charming

you are that sprite, you used to prank me in my dreams
I woke up cursing the sun, you belong to his own realms

deity created you , he needs to take a bow
I marvel looking at you if you are really sent from above

I celebrate that day, that day I see you around my den
benignant is your presence, my den turned in to a heaven

At the times when I miss you , I close my eyes to see you in my mind
your smile flashes such a brilliance it’s ironical that it still leaves me blind

I wish to borrow a part of your asset that very thing they call affection
blessed you are with such an present, bearing it like mother of conviction

As I start penning down the ending line
I wish to recount on a dear of mine
This rhyme that you have just read through,
is dedicated to my good old buddy, baby Shru 🙂

This is first ever feel good thing I have penned down , talking of “feel good”, the only thing that comes in to my mind is the song “Subah Subah” from the movie “I See You”. I guess now you will figure why this post is named so.