Let me just talk….

I had always longed for a roller coaster ride.I had been on it only once, it was in my 7th standard as I recall. I always said I want to go on it again but, hardly had any chance. May be I was too desperate, so much that the God or who’s ever is playing the cards had to finally call it in. So this is how he takes me on the ride.

First he gives me my Dream Job.

Then he delays my joinig date by 6 months.

He makes the HR call me on the phone the day before the first Batch gets inducted(When I was in the movie hall) and the HR tells me”Your Joining date has been Pre-Poned to tomorrow”.

He got me enlisted on the merit list which undergoes short-term training and he makes my Tests easier.

He then delays my Interview with the client by a month .

He then sets me up with a panel of two client representatives who  test me on Basic skills .

He makes me answer all of thier questions with ease and I pull it off.

He then asks them to put me on the kernel side and I go like “Yeah Baby”

After a few days I get shifted in to another a team which is on Apps.

I work there for a fortnight and then I get kicked in to another team.

This very team happens to be working on Symbian C++. I was made to study those concepts and I had KIckass fun doing so.

Then he makes my client sack the symbian projects and makes me jobless.

So here I am riding it like I never had before, wait a minute! is it me who is riding? or is it the other way round? That’s right Its me who’s being ridden.

It has now made me say “Roller Coaster is not all that fun After all” 

When I really get critical and start analysing it, I can and only can see everybody suffering.So I call upon you and say “Life is just a blast, because it is moving really fast, so you better stay on top or life will Kick you in the Ass”


3 Responses to “Let me just talk….”

  1. Tough luck maga.. Roller coasters are never fun when u r riding it… You ll enjoy the feeling after the ride stops.. May be its like our KP trip.. We suffered that night.. But looking back now, we say that was the best day of our lives..
    May be, this period will bring you joy some other time.. That ll be the day you ll reap the benefit of the hard work u ve put in now..

  2. Yea maga Those words are pretty much Assuring[:)].
    I am waiting for my break[:)]

  3. Yeah maga.. Sad. But true.. 😦

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