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Let me just talk….

Posted in poy pouri on November 7, 2008 by dayavincicode

I had always longed for a roller coaster ride.I had been on it only once, it was in my 7th standard as I recall. I always said I want to go on it again but, hardly had any chance. May be I was too desperate, so much that the God or who’s ever is playing the cards had to finally call it in. So this is how he takes me on the ride.

First he gives me my Dream Job.

Then he delays my joinig date by 6 months.

He makes the HR call me on the phone the day before the first Batch gets inducted(When I was in the movie hall) and the HR tells me”Your Joining date has been Pre-Poned to tomorrow”.

He got me enlisted on the merit list which undergoes short-term training and he makes my Tests easier.

He then delays my Interview with the client by a month .

He then sets me up with a panel of two client representatives who  test me on Basic skills .

He makes me answer all of thier questions with ease and I pull it off.

He then asks them to put me on the kernel side and I go like “Yeah Baby”

After a few days I get shifted in to another a team which is on Apps.

I work there for a fortnight and then I get kicked in to another team.

This very team happens to be working on Symbian C++. I was made to study those concepts and I had KIckass fun doing so.

Then he makes my client sack the symbian projects and makes me jobless.

So here I am riding it like I never had before, wait a minute! is it me who is riding? or is it the other way round? That’s right Its me who’s being ridden.

It has now made me say “Roller Coaster is not all that fun After all” 

When I really get critical and start analysing it, I can and only can see everybody suffering.So I call upon you and say “Life is just a blast, because it is moving really fast, so you better stay on top or life will Kick you in the Ass”


Jab We met!

Posted in poy pouri on November 2, 2008 by dayavincicode

I would love to give my expert comments on the movie “Psycho ” for; I have this overwhelming urge to talk about it. I have been asking people if they plan to see the flick, if the answer is ‘No’, I immediately give my comments. Otherwise I shut my mouth and say, “Just watch it”.

Well the tale I want to share with you is rather one of the weirdest experience that I have had, while I was returning home from the movie. Before I actually share that, let me recollect my experience when I was doing my SSLC. Needless to say how we guys are at that age. Notorious with Restless eyes, ever-twitching muscle(s), not to mention the Raging harmones.

This incident took place when I was returning home from school after my tuition classes. There was a place right across the street where they used to sell Nice Bondas. I made it point to have one while returning home every time I passed by. That day was not destined to end happily. When I was just about go to that bonda stall, a bunch of eunuchs surrounded me. They demanded for money. I just had 2 bucks with me, which I carried just to pay for those delicious bonda. I had no choice I gave one of them the money. Here is how it went on.

He/She: Hey, we are not beggars we are god’s own angels.

Me: I have only this much.

He/She: You must not say that, you will have something to give if you wanted to.

Me: Bite me. (Started laughing)

He/She: oh! Looks like you need to be enlightened, I will show you something that will enlighten you. (Started to lift his/her skirt up)

I started crying. There were literally tears in my eyes. Then they stopped and started laughing at me. One of them came to me and squeezed my lower lip as if I was ‘Angelina jolie’ and said, “the kid is cute, poor thing, let him go”.

I came home crying and my siblings had the entertainment of their lives when I narrated my debacle at the bonda stall. Since then, I have been staying away from them.

Yesterday when I was returning home from the movie it was about 8 in the evening. While driving I noticed a hot chick walking down the lane. She was draped in a saree. She had a perfect body. I was tempted to look at her face as I approached her and as in the movies, as we came close, she also looked at me and incidentally our eyes locked I was just about to thank god for making my evening, but I was startled. I was looking in to the eyes of a eunuch. I realized that she is not “She” after all.

He/She smiled at me and said “Can you drop me till the Banyan tree?”

My head spun and the visual “the Bonda stall” played back in my mind. I would not want to take the risk this time. So I said “Yeah sure” and stopped.

He/She hopped on and said “Thank you Thambi” which means thank you bro.

I was Ice cold as He/she was sitting on the pillion seat .I rode as fast I as I could and stopped at the banyan tree. He/She praised me saying “kadvane unukku nalla valke thara” which sort of is like wishing “God bless you”

Now this is what happened “Jab We met”