“A BIT of my life”

The day I had been longing for,

It was 25th of October 2004

Wittingly looking around as aliens pass by

The place I was headed, rested until, a sly

Overwhelmed I was, I wore my best attire

Hoping the aliens will not get a chance to pass a satire

I watched my step as it touched inside of the portal

Through the gateway, which bored glorious and immortal.

Placed I was, to drive a vehicle with out a steer

That is what we do to become an engineer.

The mundane set in, away got my fear

Aliens transformed to whom I call “oh dear”

Busses sped around calling me on board

I had pleasure of my life holding on to the footboard

I gazed and gazed sampling my fate on the picks

Bus stop was the place where I hounded for chicks

Tests and assignments popped once in a while

Overseen too carefully to cheat and not to get on trial.

KJC, my lavish lounge where I dallied the cricket match,

Saturdays were the best, with home movies to watch.

Sprouted a local club, keyed as B-gang

Fabled it is now, as a song that we all sang.

I assayed my way through the GATE and to bell the CAT

Thanks to my aptitude, my back could not get a pat.

Cool was our corner, our bugles resounded high above the rock

Treks we set out, sipping out of an ace bottle of coke.

What was meant to be four years of education,

Appears to me as four days of vacation.

Nostalgic I am turning back the pages,

Can solely smile reading this chapter called “A BIT of my life”.


6 Responses to ““A BIT of my life””

  1. Stunning piece of poetry maga… The most brilliant piece of poetry I have read in a long long time.. There are a few lines of magic that I simply loved.. Daya, the poet has well and truly arrived.. Kudos..

    ps: I m surprised that I wrote so much above considering that I was speechless after reading the poem..

  2. bharath s reddy Says:

    its ultimate poem
    it takes us to a trip back to our college days.
    i really liked this poem, so does all who breathe.

  3. Amazing dude.. This’s really gud stuff….
    U hv a future as a poet.. Think abt it..

  4. I read this poem, for it is a friend’s duty,
    but all i saw was this amazing beauty.
    All i can say, that i was dumbstruck,
    wait i can say more, which is awestruck.
    I cant praise much about this beautiful rhyme,
    but i can say that it will sure outlast time!

  5. @Rahul
    That’s a brilliant piece of poetry, Thanks a tonne.I thank all of you:)

  6. hey! Gud goin!
    Very Nostalgic, like it goes. Any BITian wll relate to it.[):]

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