I better recede from those memories.

Those brawls and dustups, thinking of which I feel a blaze in my heart.

Moments, which are long gone. I rebuke at very thought of it, I hope they are not really gone.

It was a perfect morning then, all merry and gay,

With fellow mates around there was nothing to worry, just play

Then came a day when each had to part, to what it seemed like a true destiny, solely bemused of making a roaring career.

We sure do meet new souls and make new acquaintances,

But I do not see a point in trying, if I have to leave them.

The ones who love me and the ones, who don’t, show the same Colour

When it is all set to go.

The destiny seems blurred and there is no one to stand by, still I need to walk along, for I am mentored to devolve the past and give it a try.

I hope to resolve this disarray; I have no choice, I must say good-bye and smile at the new world, which offers me chance.

It has flown out of my heart a song in agony.Its killing to live without friends.I am a survivor.


10 Responses to “Survivor!!!”

  1. This poem echoes the sentiments of a lot of us.. Wonderful.. Keep writing such stuff..

  2. I shall maga….It just started to flow

  3. nan blog inda inspiration a? ? ? he he. .:) good one though. .

  4. hmmm u are was ur blog tat inspired me..:)

  5. The poet in daya is expressing.., Good…, Miss you all..

  6. Nice one maga … its good … quite touching 😀

  7. Its not that bad! there r other means to keep in touch than f2f.
    u just have to try! friends r always there when u need them! 🙂

  8. You have magically put what most of us felt into words.. Gud one dude.. Want to see more of the poet in you..

  9. bharath s reddy Says:

    its 2 gud
    sorry, 3 gud
    sorry,4 gud
    sorry, countless gud

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