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“A BIT of my life”

Posted in poet in me on August 30, 2008 by dayavincicode

The day I had been longing for,

It was 25th of October 2004

Wittingly looking around as aliens pass by

The place I was headed, rested until, a sly

Overwhelmed I was, I wore my best attire

Hoping the aliens will not get a chance to pass a satire

I watched my step as it touched inside of the portal

Through the gateway, which bored glorious and immortal.

Placed I was, to drive a vehicle with out a steer

That is what we do to become an engineer.

The mundane set in, away got my fear

Aliens transformed to whom I call “oh dear”

Busses sped around calling me on board

I had pleasure of my life holding on to the footboard

I gazed and gazed sampling my fate on the picks

Bus stop was the place where I hounded for chicks

Tests and assignments popped once in a while

Overseen too carefully to cheat and not to get on trial.

KJC, my lavish lounge where I dallied the cricket match,

Saturdays were the best, with home movies to watch.

Sprouted a local club, keyed as B-gang

Fabled it is now, as a song that we all sang.

I assayed my way through the GATE and to bell the CAT

Thanks to my aptitude, my back could not get a pat.

Cool was our corner, our bugles resounded high above the rock

Treks we set out, sipping out of an ace bottle of coke.

What was meant to be four years of education,

Appears to me as four days of vacation.

Nostalgic I am turning back the pages,

Can solely smile reading this chapter called “A BIT of my life”.



Posted in poet in me on August 17, 2008 by dayavincicode

I better recede from those memories.

Those brawls and dustups, thinking of which I feel a blaze in my heart.

Moments, which are long gone. I rebuke at very thought of it, I hope they are not really gone.

It was a perfect morning then, all merry and gay,

With fellow mates around there was nothing to worry, just play

Then came a day when each had to part, to what it seemed like a true destiny, solely bemused of making a roaring career.

We sure do meet new souls and make new acquaintances,

But I do not see a point in trying, if I have to leave them.

The ones who love me and the ones, who don’t, show the same Colour

When it is all set to go.

The destiny seems blurred and there is no one to stand by, still I need to walk along, for I am mentored to devolve the past and give it a try.

I hope to resolve this disarray; I have no choice, I must say good-bye and smile at the new world, which offers me chance.

It has flown out of my heart a song in agony.Its killing to live without friends.I am a survivor.

“Bachna hain movie buffs”

Posted in poy pouri on August 16, 2008 by dayavincicode

It has been quite a some time now.I was held up with my training at Sasken almost for a month and today when i woke up, I could not help my self from sharing this bit of feeling of mine with all of you.FYI I am a big movie buff. I watch movies of all kind,by that I mean the documentaries,science fiction,drama,love stories etc etc.

It just happened that a movie by name “Bachna hain haseeno” caught my interest, you can probably guess what pulled me in, and no points for guessing, it was those long legs and short skirts.This flick was not on my cards until a friend of mine abetted me to have it so.

So there I was with four other friends of mine in a movie hall watching three women and a man doing things that are way far from reality and way too filmi to be watched.

Let me tell you, I have watched Rajani Kanths movies, I have watched telugu movies where the hero claps his hands and the villain dies of an heart attack, I have watched Vijay kanth’s movies where the bullet fired at him,hits him and reflects back to the villain and the villain dies. I have tolerated all these, I in fact enjoyed watching such stunts.But the one I have mentioned above proved to be a real challenge to me.

Would you believe if I say I uttered “Wat the Fuck” more than 5 times while watching this movie.This movie was completely baseless.It was as good or bad as the B grade movies that they play on setMAX once in while, where a guy next door is seduced by a nympho and they get on with all sort of hungama escaping the society and all that shit.

I do not mean to be argumentative and bring down the revenues of movie makers and the pop corn sellers,there are other business sectors affected too, like the provision stores, which sell amrunthanjan and medical stores which sell saridon .I am sure they will have good business if people were to watch this movie.

The bottom line is “Bachna hain haseeno is one fuckall movie”If you still want watch that movie,God help you.