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Aparupadha Rathri-2

Posted in THE TREK on June 25, 2008 by dayavincicode

There lived a perfectly happy family. A couple had a baby girl who was then about 6 years old. Her name was Pinky. One day the couple had a fight. The lady suspected that her husband is running an affair with the neighbor. One afternoon she cried for help and people ran towards her place to check on her. She was lying down and was gasping for breath. When she was asked as to what really went on, she complained a person dressed up in black, tried to assault her. People looked around the place they, could no spot anybody as such.

The next evening she called out for help again, this time she was half naked and she was lying down at the doorsteps. This time she complained the same person in black snatched her necklace and ran away, when she squalled for help, he was frightened and hence he dropped the necklace near the compound. Surprisingly people found that her necklace was indeed at the compound.

The very next evening at around 7:30 I saw high flaming subject moving around and people started screaming and there was a stampede. That woman had set herself on fire and was walking on the streets like a soldier at a parade. This time she was silent without making any noise. I saw through the flame that she was happy and all smiling. Her body was getting charred and there she was, enjoying every bit of pain. I stood there not knowing what to do; I stared and stared at her. Her daughter started crying that’s when this woman realized she was on fire. She collapsed and was now feeling the real pain and she started crying out for help. She was then taken to the hospital where Doctors after examining her reported that there were good chances of her survival.

The next evening she gained consciousness and to people’s surprise she kept cursing her husband for having done injustice to her. What more surprising was that she spoke in male voice. She said, “I am going to kill him, how dare he cheats on my sister”. When she was asked who she was, she answered, “I am Sathya, brother of Aparna, I am here to kill her husband,he is cheating on her. I am the one who Aparna saw the other day, the guy in the black dress”. Well one thing you ought to know is that Sathya died in a road accident, he was a lorry driver. She died later that night. Her husband got married to another woman and a couple from US adopted pinky.

She had a very attractive physic. Men always found her very sexy and they always hoped that someday they would get to play the “game” with her (if you know what I mean). She had dark complexion and always had a strange Colour studded on to her forehead. She used to walk around the village and every time she passed by a man, he was getting captivated; it was as if he was hypnotized. She wore strange clothes and she always used to take bath at the riverside at four o clock in the morning.

She had come to live in Guruwayur from an unknown place. She had those gleaming eyes and one winsome smile that no man could possibly escape from. On one particular night prassanna went out for a walk and he did not return. His family went about searching him and found him unconscious at the gateway of the village. Since then he goes missing in the night and he comes back home early in the morning. Another serious change in his behavior is that he never gave money that he earned to his wife. When asked for, he used to beat the shit out of her.

Well as the days went on, the phenomenon became alarmingly phenomenal. The list of such psychopaths kept growing. Later village women suspected that it was that sexy lady who is behind this. One fine day they decided to check on her activities and that was a new moon on top, she brought home a guy with her, but to their surprise it was guy who welcomed that lady into her own house and he was saying “don’t worry its my house and no one will see us here I will keep you resided in this place.” The villagers were caught in a cook and were wondering what the hell is happening!! One brave woman collected the courage to go peep into the room they went in. She was thrown into such a storm that she could barely open her mouth to speak. She said she found the two in a rather colly condition. They were playing the “Game”.

These village women decided to cast her away, but she refused all the charges pressed against her. But too bad she was beaten up by the women and was killed on the road. This is not the end. The actual thrill lies in the fact that all of the men who were her victims, committed suicide. This had a pattern too. The first victim was the first one to die and the rest followed, with one-month gap in the middle on new moons.

I am sure you by now are completely pissed off and are wondering why the hell I am talking all this “scary shit”. Well these are just the trailers of what oorbaglu (name changed) had to give the “Sevens” when the rest of the group asked him to narrate a few nice stories. Imagine yourself in a place as small as the MANTAPA at 12 in the night with small drizzles and cold wind all over and you are with only 6 other guys who are no better than you in getting hold on their heartbeats. That does scare the hell out of you doesn’t it?

The group asked oorbaglu to change the theme of his stories to a rather more pleasing one. No points for guessing!!!! It was “Sex”. Well you could not possibly expect the guys to be any different. Boys will be Boys. So there he was narrating the most erotic stories that he has read and has seen. He was so good, Kashi let out a growl and that’s when we decided to stop and try getting some sleep. Well if you are anticipating that I am going to reproduce the narration of oorbaglu in this category, I am afraid my blog is going to be slated as a porn site. You would not want to growl and get off your seat would you? So I keep the pleasure to myself. Sorry for disappointing you.

We also discussed a lot on our crushes and our plans to go about pursuing them. We talked more about our marriage, first-night, honeymoon, kids and their schooling and even the retirement plans. I am so proud that we finally started to talk about our careers, which was the only thing that had 100 percent chance of materializing, too bad by this time the sun showed up and there we had to leave the topic. Hence we proved that career tops the list of priorities by keeping it to the last.

The next day we went on with our pursuit of the pinnacle and landed back at the gateway where the serpent had given us a signal. The story has finally come to an end.

Let me Give out the real names of the fellow Spartans in the “Super Sevens”

Ooorbaglu –Dayananda.A DSP engineer R&D services Sasken communications.

Kashi-Thejas V.R Software engineer Adobe India.

Yamaraj-Hemant software engineer Adobe India.

Peter-Keerthi M.S software developer Nokia R&D.

Bomb-Arunangshu Giri software developer Nokia R&D

Gundu Mani-Ravikiran Wipro VLSI

Lesbi-Rahul-Admitted to New jersy Institute Of technology for an M.S in electrical engineering.

Thank you.