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Aparupadha Rathri-1

Posted in THE TREK on May 10, 2008 by dayavincicode

It was the twilight, just about the time sun goes down and the moon shows up. I was atop the hill and kept gazing at the sun who playacted a chameleon and showed all Colours of the wind. All of a sudden I had this feeling that he wants to say something, a secret that I ought to know, I could guess that he was trying to forecast something. Before I could read more into his signals he was all set to go away .He just gave me one of those ‘Mona Lisa ’smiles and the next moment he was gone.

A second later I could see the moon coming up all happy and dancing. She was full that evening and was feeling fresh as if she just had a bath in milk and roses, she was beautiful, and as I was just about to smile at her, she also started sending me betokens that something waited to strike me. She was blushing. I really was caught in a spoof, and all of a sudden I had this feeling that someone was standing at the back and awaited my attention. I turned back to verify and had a shock of my life.

All of my fellow mates were gone and at a certain distance, I could see a soul standing. I squinched only later to realize that the figure I was looking at was quite familiar and it coincided with that of my soul mate.

I was thrown into such emotions, that I could barely stand on my feet. Paulo Coehlo had once said “If you really want something, the nature conspires to have that thing ready for you” .I really was missing her and Paulo’s words resounded in my mind.

She felt the same sort of vibrations that I was going under and I could sense the feeling that she too missed me a lot. That was the ultimate moment of my life. Destiny meant nothing more than to have her rest her head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. It suddenly started drizzling and the aura had this sweet smell of love in it.

She was draped in a blue saree. It was plane and sparse, but thick enough to hide her beauteous frame. She looked perfect, I started wondering if she’s ever going to let me get a few glimpses of her inside. That’s when the wind blew swift, fast enough to drag the saree away from her to reveal somethings that I was not authorized to look at unless she agrees to. Like I said,” If you really want something, the nature conspires to have that thing ready for you” (It works everytime!!!!). She was all blushing. Take it from me; you have got to make a woman feel like a woman to prove your worth as a man.

My emotions dragged my body towards her; I ran towards her without my conscious effort, it was automatic. She too ran towards me. It was a perfect bollywood set, the full moon, the drizzle, the wind, and the stars and not to mention the blue saree, the slow motion running. Everything seemed so perfect.

We both halted with our bodies’ just millimeters away. My heart was pounding like it never had before; I could hear the heart beat and there was an orchestra. The gushing wind, the heartbeats, and the wild breath we were letting out, all put together sounded like a perfect love song. She smelled like a jasmine. We looked at each other in the eyes and said, “Is this the moment I have been waiting for?” all of my senses were satisfied except for the sense of touch. I looked her in the eyes asking for permission. Her eyes told me “Kiss me, I am all yours”. I raised my hands to hold her face; I got myself closer to her and was about do something that I wanted to, ever since I came to know I was a boy. All of a sudden, there developed a feeling of risk. I was uncomfortably shaken. She had facial hair!

Well I was in fact holding my teammate’s head in my hands. His name is bomb (name changed). Too bad I was just dreaming and all that I have said above is the recurring dream of mine, which haunts me every night. To my bad luck (or bomb’s bad luck) he slept beside me that night in the MANTAPA, to my good luck he dint have a shave in the morning, otherwise the other five teammates would have had the entertainment of their lives.


Dare to be there?

Posted in THE TREK on May 4, 2008 by dayavincicode

You are at least eight kilometers above ground level, you are sweating all over, there is hardly any sugar left in your blood stream, your vasa pulsates at a rate higher than ever, you don’t feel your legs, your thighs are singing rhymes (London bridge is falling down), the light is getting bleaker and you see dark clouds forcing towards you,. Whom would you call upon to save you? I am afraid no one will ever respond to your call, because your peers are as jeopardized as you are, and they too are TREKKERS just like you. Jeopardy is the name of the game.

As we fellow SEVENS footslogged our way up the heap, we became restless and were on a desperate lookout for a shelter. We had to hide our heads somewhere to be assured of what they call a ‘return’ (if not safe though). Luckily the forest that surrounded us was quite co-operative, except for few chuddy dost monkeys of ours, who were a little upset about the intrusion. However one of my teammates, “peter”(name changed), (who was leading us at around four in the evening) squinted to notice a dark spot on a green lush. We all let a sigh of relief, for we were finally been able to spot the silver lining. That was the refuge camp for us soldiers.

A small hovel made of stone of dimensions 5X5X5,with a stony top and rough stony base. It was pitch black in colour (God knows how old the structure was). This was where we fellow SEVENS took rest for the whole night. The mega-structure is called the MANATAPA.

Before talking about our stay in the lavish lounge ‘MANTAPA’, I would like to recall a scenario, by the time we got close to the hideout, one of our other teammates, “yamraj” (name changed again) took the lead and dragged us up the elevation .The toughest terrain we have ever experienced was perhaps the one very close to MANTAPA, as per statistics it was an eighty seven degree tilt. Yamraj reached the destination first and was calling out on the second person from BIT who will make it home, but there was this guy “oorbaglu”(name changed) who took the challenge pretty seriously and chose to attempt a feat, although he was quite far from the place. He stopped for a second, looked around, did some calculations and then like a sport he said to himself that he is not going to give up. The Spartan chose to take a detour, which perhaps was an unfold door to the so-called death, and then he hopped, skipped and did a lot of balancing maneuver and finally made it to the base.

Well there is a twist in the story; the scene presented above is not the one I was intending to share with you when I said, “I would like to recall a scenario”.

The SEVENS reached the adobe and were celebrating the ‘partial success’; yamraj said he wants to freshen up and wanted to slue to the portion just below, for it had a small pond. This guy was so elated to have reached the MANTAPA that he went singing down the slant only later to realize that he was loosing balance .In a flash the lush disappeared and all he could see was rocks that were approximately 2 kilometers below him. In a second his memory refreshed and he visualized everything he has done so far in his life. His conscious mind told him “you are done!!!” however the unconscious mind brought out such reflexes out of his body that he was able to hang on with a perfect coincidence of his shoe’s tip and the pinnacle. I am very proud of this guy, for he has given a fair F**K U to the death. Name “yamraj” suites him the best, who else can tease the demise saying, “kiss my ass” and get away with that.